Happy Birthday: Robby Krieger

Monday, January 8, 2018
Happy Birthday: Robby Krieger

You know him as the guitarist for The Doors, but Robby Krieger – who was born on this very day, in case you hadn’t realized – has been plenty busy outside of his work with Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, and John Densmore. Here’s a six-pack of tracks that he’s done under his own name, and once you’ve checked out these tunes, why not give a listen to the official Doors playlist on Spotify?

1. “The Ally” (ROBBIE KRIEGER & FRIENDS, 1977): After The Doors disbanded, Krieger and bandmate John Densmore continued their musical collaborations as members of Butts Band, but after releasing two albums, the band called it quits and Krieger released his first solo album. Well, technically, anyway. It’s actually credited to “Robbie Krieger and Friends,” and before you ask, yes, the spelling is correct. The album found Krieger steering in more of a jazz-rock direction, as you can tell from this track, which originally kicked off Side 2 of the album.

2. “Tattooed Love Boys” (VERSIONS, 1982): Not every artist has a covers album in their back catalog, but plenty of ‘em do, so Krieger is following in a proud tradition with this LP, which featured his takes on songs by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Four Tops, Eric Gale, and – as in this instance – the Pretenders.

3. “Eagles Song” (NO HABLA, 1989): Krieger’s I.R.S. Records debut featured two songs which he’d originally written for a children’s project that was ultimately scrapped. It’s a great little instrumental, but despite the title, it doesn’t particularly sound like the work of Henley, Frey, and company. Consider yourself warned.

4. “Idolatry” (CINEMATIX, 2000): We couldn’t bring ourselves to offer up “War Toad,” but if you’re a diehard Doors fan, you may wish to seek it out, as it’s a remixed, jazz-rap-infused version of “Peace Frog” (or at least that’s how it’s described on Wikipedia, anyway). There are a number of guest stars on this album, including Edgar Winter and Billy Cobham.

5. “Event Horizon” (SINGULARITY, 2010): Based on the title of this song and the tile of the LP, you can probably guess where Krieger’s head was at when he was recording this album: in the stars.

6. “Across the Universe” (IN SESSION, 2017): Although Krieger hasn’t put out a proper solo album in a few years, he’s been consistently recording and releasing material. In fact, he’s done enough that a compilation of material was released last year, one which included this cover of a Beatles classic with Jackson Browne on lead vocals.

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